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Experience Iowawith Carson Ode

Carson Ode

I love IOWA. I love the Mississippi River on our eastern border with its craggy, bluff-lined terrain. I love the Missouri River on our western border with its table-flat bottomland that stretches from the river to the unique Loess Hills. I love the prairie that is not table-flat. When you come to a rise, you can gaze out on Iowa's bountiful garden. I love the community leaders who love their towns. I love the volunteers who work willingly and with great achievement to keep their towns vibrant. And, I love my wife Connie who joined me in exploring Iowa—county by county—to produce three, special, unprecedented books on our beautiful state.

I invite you to experience Iowa by reading our books and to fall in love with the land between America's signature rivers.

Carson Ode


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Celebrate IOWA

In researching Celebrate IOWA, Carson Ode attended as many festivals and events as he could over a two-year period, making it to 103 Iowa festivals/events. There is a range of sophistication covered, from world-class events to small towns celebrating their ethnic heritage. This 400-plus,
8 ½" x 11" page book covers activities including a Nationwide NASCAR race, Drake Relays, Amana's Oktoberfest, multiple music festivals and the Iowa State Fair. Over 2,000 photos enhance the experience.

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IOWA—Spaces, Places, Faces

The 400-plus, 8 ½" x 11" pages of IOWA—Spaces, Places, Faces are the vehicle for a text describing the terrain, the four seasons, the people and the basic history of Iowa, as well as the experiences of Connie and Carson Ode as they spent the year 2008 exploring the state—county by county. There are color photos on every page (1,400 total) to help you visualize the trip. The information-laden text is spiced with humorous anecdotes for a delightful read—a comprehensive book on the state of Iowa.

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IOWA CULTURE—Past and Present

Iowa museums are the stars in this book. Carson spent two years researching an estimated 95% of Iowa's culture mines of the past-large and small. It is an amazing trip you can take with him, reading colorful stories and looking at over 2,100 color photos. Art centers, theaters, performance halls and arenas are also noted in the 400-plus page book. This book completes a series of high quality books that provide an unprecedented look at Iowa.

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In the News

Connie and Carson were interviewed about IOWA CULTURE—Past and Present on the KCCI Channel 8 noon news on July 19, 2016.

KCCI's Mollie Cooney visited the Odes in their studio for a report on their book Celebrate IOWA. Mollie and her camera man are consummate professionals. The segment is very well done.

The books have received considerable press in newspapers, Iowa magazines and radio interviews across the state.


Carson and Connie are available for book signings and speaking engagements. For more information, please email or call.


Phone: (515) 280-1916