Celebrate IOWA


In researching Celebrate IOWA, Carson Ode attended as many festivals and events as he could over a two-year period, making it to 103 Iowa festivals/events. There is a range of sophistication covered, from world-class events to small towns celebrating their ethnic heritage. This 400-plus,
8 ½"x11" page book covers activities including a Nationwide NASCAR race, Drake Relays, Amana's Oktoberfest, multiple music festivals and the Iowa State Fair. Over 2,000 photos enhance the experience.

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Celebrate IOWA inspires us to explore the best of communities we have yet to visit—while unleashing even more pride in our own hometown. What a pleasure to begin this adventure in learning much more about the wholesome quality and vitality of our beautiful state and its people! Linda Klepinger | Newton

I am reading the book a little at a time. It's so enjoyable; I don't want it to end! The book truly is wonderful. Stefanie Harper | Johnston

We just received a copy of Celebrate IOWA for our library and we must say this is another very beautiful book!! Beautiful pictures and lots of information. It's amazing how many festivals and events there are in Iowa. It's a pleasure to put this one on our shelf, too. Elaine Ott | Marble Rock