IOWA CULTURE—Past and Present


Iowa museums are the stars in this book. Carson spent two years reaearching an estimated 95% of Iowa's culture mines of the past-large and small. It is an amazing trip you can take with him, reading colorful stories and looking at over 2,100 color photos. Art centers, theaters, performance halls and arenas are also noted in the 400-plus page book. This book completes a series of high quality books that provide an unprecedented look at Iowa.

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I've been an admirer of the work of Carson and Connie Ode since 2008, when this stranger walked up to me in our county seat town of Jefferson and asked directions.What I learned then was that the Odes were traveling as much in Iowa as I used to do for The Des Moines Register, and that they were coming up with all kinds of fun, informative stories and photos for their book IOWA—Spaces, Places, Faces. They continued that in their second book Celebrate IOWA about all our community festivals. Now they're at it again doing an amazing round-up on the treasures that the historical societies and art groups of Iowa have in their museums large and small, for this book IOWA CULTURE—Past and Present. Chuck Offenburger

Join Carson Ode as he leads readers on another journey through Iowa. These excursions began with his informative and entertaining first book, IOWA—Spaces, Places, Faces, which took us on "a full Grassley," pointing out unique features of each of our 99 counties. With Celebrate IOWA, Ode focused on our traditions, escorting us to 103 festivals and exhibitions through the state. IOWA CULTURE—Past and Present invites us back in time, as we dip into our heritage by visiting hundreds of local historical societies across Iowa. Like his previous volumes, this delightful book is beautifully illustrated and chockfull of interesting anecdotes. William Friedricks