IOWA—Spaces, Places, Faces


The 400-plus, 8 ½"x11" pages of IOWA—Spaces, Places, Faces are the vehicle for a text describing the terrain, the four seasons, the people and the basic history of Iowa, as well as the experiences of Connie and Carson Ode as they spent the year 2008 exploring the state—county by county. There are color photos on every page (1,400 total) to help you visualize the trip. The information-laden text is spiced with humorous anecdotes for a delightful read—a comprehensive book on the state of Iowa.

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I went to the Cedar Falls Library and checked out IOWA—Spaces, Places, Faces. I was unprepared for the remarkable tome. You and your wife created a detailed reference guide that is breathtaking in its magnitude. I was particularly impressed with your ability to succinctly get to the essence of a community. Thank you for your contribution to our Iowa's lore. Judith Harrington | Cedar Falls

I looked through your spectacular book last evening. What a tour de force of Iowa! You have every right to be proud of the effort it took to produce the book, even more so of the finished product. David Oman | Des Moines

When I read about your IOWA book in The Des Moines Register, I immediately sent for a copy. I read it thoroughly right away. It has to be the most comprehensive work, especially with photographs, probably ever done on what our state really looks like. It was a remarkable effort. Congratulations! Also, I thought the thread of Connie's running account of her skill with slots was very funny. Bud Kudart | Cedar Rapids

We at the Marble Rock Library want to say that we think you've put together the most beautiful book about our great state of Iowa! What beautiful pictures and interesting information about the many towns, etc. It has been checked out by library patrons ever since it arrived; in fact, there is a waiting list! Thank you so much for putting this book together! Elaine Ott | Marble Rock

I immediately started reading IOWA—Spaces, Places, Faces when I received it and continued until I was finished two days later! It is a remarkable piece of work. David Schoonover | Iowa City